As with all pest problems, in the case of bird issues prevention is better than cure.

Ideally preventative measures will be put in place to avoid problems but, more often Falcon is called upon to provide solutions after the deterrence and removal have taken place.

Building Protection:

Spikes and Wires: Birds perching or nesting around buildings can be noisy, messy and unhygienic. The installation of simple, inexpensive, plastic spikes or wires to windowsills, roof edges, guttering and building recesses can prevent landing and roosting without hurting the birds.

Netting: For larger areas such as roof tops, flat roofs, canopies and building facades, netting is ideal to prevent roosting. It is also ideal for under cover areas such as car parks, train stations, factory entrances and loading bays. It provides a humane, permanent solution with a guarantee period depending on its application. Maintenance programmes are available to ensure complete, ongoing protection.

Environmental Cleaning:

Nesting and roosting areas can be potentially hazardous to health, with a number of diseases and contaminants passable to humans. Falcon safely decontaminate areas professionally using suitable cleaning agents and methods.

Nest Clearance: Following the breeding cycle, empty nests can be removed by our trained professionals. They will ensure everything is removed and cleaned if necessary. Proofing solutions can then be proposed and installed to prevent return.

Guano Cleaning: Bird droppings can be highly corrosive if not treated. Depending on the extent of the damage caused by the droppings, our hygiene operatives will wash and/or brush away the guano. Residual biocidal cleaner can then be applied to make it safe in line with health & safety protocols.

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