Building Protection:

Netting: For large areas such as roof tops, flat roofs, canopies and building facades, netting is ideal to prevent roosting. It is also ideal for under cover areas such as car parks, train stations, factory entrances and loading bays. It provides a humane, permanent solution.  Netting can last a number of years if looked after correctly.  Maintenance programmes are available to ensure complete, ongoing protection.

Spikes and Wires: Birds perching or nesting around buildings can be noisy, messy and unhygienic. The installation of simple, inexpensive, plastic/stainlewss steel spikes or wires to windowsills, roof edges, guttering and building recesses can prevent landing and roosting without harming the birds.

Solar Panel Proofing:  Bespoke design manufactured from galvanised weld mesh fixed into channel around panels. Installation visit includes cleaning under the panels and clearing gutters that have been affected by bird debris.

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