Bird Management Systems

Pictures of one of our latest Bird Proofing jobs in Central Bristol. Protecting buildings from Seagulls roosting which can lead to drain systems getting blocked up from debris dropped when nests are being made and

Common House Fly and Cluster Fly Training Day

One of our technicians learning how to service an EFK correctly.  Very informative Training Day on the biology of Common Houseflies, how to use and service EFK's (Electric Fly Killers) and what other products there


Just finished - A large hotel in Bath that had both bird proof netting and bird spiking to prevent Seagulls and Pigeons from making the building their home.    

Bird Proofing Your Business

For every songbird singing in the new day, there are a dozen more gulls stealing food from bins, pigeons fouling everywhere or other birds decimating crops, and much else besides. Birds who are intent on

6 Tips for Child & Pet Friendly Pest Control

Sometimes pests can be more than just a nuisance, especially if you have little ones around who could be at risk from health problems that come with pest infestations. What’s more, more conventional solutions like

7 Ways to Protect Your Business From Rodents

A rodent infestation can spell bad news for businesses in a number of different ways. First there is the financial cost. Not only should you factor in the cost to tackle an infestation, but once