A rodent infestation can spell bad news for businesses in a number of different ways.

First there is the financial cost. Not only should you factor in the cost to tackle an infestation, but once rodents are in your building, they will quickly chew and gnaw their way through walls, pipes and expensive electrical equipment, soiling their environment as they go and ensuring you’ll be paying to clean up their mess long after they are gone.

Then there is the reputational damage to consider, especially if you are public facing. Nobody wants to share a space with a rodent or see signs of rodent activity. Least of all paying clients and customers. Even if the infestation itself is short-lived, the reputational damage can long outlast any rat or mouse.

Finally there is the impact on productivity. The disruption caused by an infestation can hit morale hard, which can lead to lower productivity among employees and inconvenience those people having to change their working environment to deal with the infestation.

Thankfully, many of these scenarios can be avoided altogether with these 7 smart prevention tactics outlined in our infographic below.

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